Healthy Choices
Healthy Vending Machines Chicago
Nutritionists remind us that it's all about moderation when it comes to snacks. Fortunately, it's become much easier to eat healthier snacks these days for a number of reasons. Manufacturers have taken note - they've come up with better ways to prepare products without compromising taste. Great examples of products with reduced fat, cholesterol, and sodium include the ever-popular trail mix varieties, baked and popped chips, fruit bars, nutrition bars, and a wide range of bottled waters.

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Healthy Choices Vending Machines Chicago

Beverages Snacks Food
Bottled Water Trail Mixes Salads
Assorted Juices Fruit Snacks Sandwiches
Vitamin water Animal Crackers Fresh Fruit
Assorted Snapple Vegetable Chips Fresh Wraps
Natural Pop Organic Bars Yogurt
Milk Granola Bars Fruit Salad