Chicago Water Filtration Service and Bottled Water
Variety doesn't end with coffee and tea selections, but carries over into our complete line of filtered and bottled water. The daily recommended consumption of water might be a hard goal to reach for most of us. Fortunately, Master Brew's range of choices makes it easier for your employees to get their suggested 8-12 cups of water a day.

Master Brew offers state-of-the-art "bottle-less" filtration systems, dispensing hot and cold water, in either countertop or floor-standing models. These units are especially environmentally friendly and provide clean water, on demand, at the lowest cost per serving.
Water Filtration Service Chicago

Master Brew's Bottled water enhances the way you live. You can taste its clean, crisp flavor. Our water is bottled and filtered straight from the spring to you.


We Offer:

  • Hot and cold or room temperature and cold models
  • Neutral exterior-looks great in any office
  • Spill proof sealed bottles-hygienically safe
  • Flexible delivery available weekly, bi weekly or monthly
  • A chance to consolidate your refreshment supplies